How to make healthy and tasty mocha hazelnut shake

People who live in places with serious coffee cultures like France and Italy nowadays focus on how to enhance their way to make delicious coffee beverages. Though they can feel the best aroma of coffee, they are unable to get the desired taste of the coffee. They can focus on how to combine coffee and chocolate to make delicious beverages at home. A magical flavor pairing of chocolate and hazelnut is a good choice for anyone who likes to give their mocha shakes a hazelnutty base in the successful way.

There is an easy way to make hazelnut milk same as other nut milks. You do not have to soak hazelnuts unlike other nuts. You can make creamy nut milk as per your plan to use it. You must avoid unnecessary fillers and preservatives. A good blender with high power is vital to make the nut milk. You require the nut milk bag to prepare the nut milk in the easy way. This is worthwhile to use the fine sieve or cheesecloth for such purpose.

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It is the appropriate time to click for more info and know about how to prepare mocha hazelnut shake. If you have successfully prepared creamy hazelnut milk, then you can use it and make the shake. This is advisable to use the organic instant coffee powder and get the desired coffee flavor. You can also use the coffee extract or chilled espresso. You need 1/2 C (75 g) Hazelnuts, soaked overnight and 2 C (500 ml) Water for the hazelnut milk. You also need the Pinch of salt, 1 Tbsp Hazelnut butter, 1 Tbsp Raw cacao powder, 1 Tbsp Cacao nibs, 1 Small frozen banana, 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract, 1-1/2 tsp Instant coffee, 1/3 C Ice, 2-3 Medjool dates, pitted, and 3/4 C Chilled hazelnut milk for the shake.